Sewer blockages on the Central Coast

A clogged sewer line can be difficult to detect. If you suspect your sewerage line is obstructed, be sure to get a plumber out ASAP in order to minimise the damage. 

Foreign objects, grease buildup, tree roots and broken pipes are all common causes of sewer blockages. Warning signs include:

Backflow – Backed up water in multiple drains can result in water flowing out in the reverse direction, causing subsequent flooding.

Abnormal noise – Excessive or unusual sounds omitting from your drains should always be investigated. It may be indicative of a blocked sewer line, or another unrelated plumbing issue.

Water drop – A sudden drop in water pressure can signal a clogged sewer line.

Any concerns regarding your sewers should be inspected by a professional plumber. BAS Plumbing & Drainage use the latest CCTV equipment and technologies to find the root cause of your obstruction and will recommend the appropriate action based on the findings.

We minimise the upheaval to your outdoor area as much as possible and leave your site clean and free of debris upon completion. For more information, contact our experts.